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    Company News

    Hai Pengxin Debuts at Vietnam Communications Exhibition

    2018-06-13 17:48:47 HPX@web 159


    June 7, 2018 -9 days Vietnam Ho Chi Minh ICT exhibition held successfully!


    The ICT COMM Vietnam 2018 at ICT Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and the Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam. It was jointly organized by ADPEX Joint Stock Company of Vietnam's renowned exhibition service company and Vietnam Innovation and Promotion Exchange Center (belonging to Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group). ICT is the most professional exhibition Telecom exhibition in Vietnam.  

    Based on the domestic market for many years, we Hai Pengxin also actively went abroad to expand overseas markets, and strive to achieve world-class brand!


    Professional  technology  explanation personnel :


    Lightning protection and distribution product display and explanation:



    Surge protection products: power supply lightning protection devices, signal lightning protection devices, lightning protection boxes, tower shield products, intelligent lightning protection distribution boxes, and lightning protection online monitoring and management systems

    Intelligent Power Distribution Products: Smart PDUs, Smart Switchers, Environmental Monitors


    EV charger, cabinet product display and introduction:


    System integration products:      

    Communication Power Products: Embedded Switching Power Supplies, DC / AC Distribution Boxes  

    Outdoor cabinet products: outdoor integrated cabinets, outdoor modular cabinets       

    EV charger products: AC and DC charger

    Other products   : Intelligent Monitoring System

    To make the best products and provide the best service, Haipengxin has been working hard all the time!

    Thank you for your support all the time! Please continue to pay attention to us Haipengxin Http://www.sfypco.com.