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    Independent innovation, industry pride - HPXIN once again gains "Shenzhen independent innovation hundred small and medium enterprises" award

    2015-04-25 00:46:57 HPX@web 18

           【Abstract】 Shenzhen City, the fourth independent innovation hundred small and medium enterprises and top ten small and medium enterprises entrepreneurship awards ceremony held in Wuzhou Hotel, Mayor Xu Qin attended the awards ceremony and speech, Shenzhen HPXIN Electronics Co., Ltd. once again won the autonomy Innovation hundred small and medium enterprises.


           Recently, the Shenzhen City, the fourth independent innovation hundred small and medium enterprises, the top ten small and medium enterprises entrepreneurial excellence after more than six months of research and selection, and finally settled, the awards ceremony on April 23 at the Wuzhou Hotel grand held, the mayor Xu Qin, city leaders Jiang Yuyang, Zhang Xiaomin, city old leadership, the city SME Development Association President Wang Shunsheng participated in this event. Surge protection solutions provider HPXIN company with a strong scientific research and innovation strength, once again won the "independent innovation hundred small and medium enterprises" title.


           Mayor Xu Qin said at the meeting, the Shenzhen municipal government will, as always, encourage and support small and medium enterprises in the deep development, and promote the formation of industry associations, enterprises, government and promote development, work together in the "four comprehensive" to create new achievements, Advantage. Xu Qin hope the majority of the city's small and medium enterprises to Shenzhen quality, Shenzhen standard as a benchmark to take practical action to improve quality, create brand, establish credibility, expand the market; striving for innovation-driven development of practitioners, and continuously improve their own innovation, Enterprise endogenous power and core competitiveness; strive for industrial transformation and upgrading of the forerunner, and actively implement the Chinese manufacturing 2025, Internet + and other action plans, seize the opportunity to more efforts to promote the transformation of enterprises, cross-border integration, , The value chain of high-end forward, the enterprise bigger and stronger, making the Shenzhen enterprises to maintain sustainable development; striving to implement the national "all the way" strategy to explore the way to speed up the "going out" pace, in a broader international market Shenzhen corporate image, show the Chinese enterprises style.


    Photo: Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin speech


           Shenzhen Independent Innovation 100 small and medium enterprises selection activities, held every two years, to implement the Premier Li Keqiang on the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" requirements. The selection by the Shenzhen SME Development Association, the city of small and medium-sized international technical cooperation Association, Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper co-sponsored by the small and medium enterprises have been enthusiastic participation and wide attention from all walks of life, after more than six months of research, Out of the top 100 small and medium enterprises and the top ten small and medium enterprises entrepreneurial excellence.


           This time, HPXIN once again topped the innovation of the top 100 small and medium enterprises, deserved, from thousands of units stand out, this is the industry full recognition of the sea Peng letter. As the world's leading surge protection leading brand, HPXIN in the field of surge protection and innovation, and constantly develop high-tech, to create a global leader in surge protection brand. HPXIN with independent innovation of scientific research, as well as international standards of scientific research management level, nearly 20 years the rapid development of the company, the brand strength soared, full of reputation.

           The future of the sea Peng letter will continue to improve the organizational structure of independent innovation, leading the company employees to respond to independent innovation strategic adjustment, adhere to the brand line, and actively innovate for enterprise development to provide a steady new power for the industry's independent innovation strategy development contribution , For Shenzhen and even the national small and medium enterprises to establish a pioneering role model.


    photo: Winning certificate