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    Charging pile fittings

    Charging pile fittings

    Charging pile fittings

    product description:

               1. Embedded power supply: Haipengxin embedded power supply adopts standard modular design to meet customers' fast customized delivery requirements;

               2, CAN protocol module: can work in a variety of ways, can achieve point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and global broadcast and other means of transmission and acceptance of data;

               3, intelligent module address board: networking flexibility and installation efficiency, high performance level, strong power management and supply capabilities, and high stability operation capabilities.

               4. Charging mode 2: The cable control and protection device is a set of components or components connected to the electric vehicle in charging mode 2, including function boxes, cables, power plugs and vehicle plugs, performing control functions and safety functions. This product is a control circuit board with a control box charging harness assembly.